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Following my discovery of the team at The Laser and Skin Clinic and treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, platelet rich plasma, biomimetic mesotherapy and lasering later, my skin and overall youthful appearance has undergone a transformation for the better. Ladies, get in to see these miracle workers!!!! The Active Fx laser resurfacing removed sun damage spots, reduced pores and acne scarring plus lifted jowls and jawline to a significant degree. For me at 45 and unwilling to commit to a face lift, The Laser and Skin Clinic has provided me with a viable alternative to maintaining attractive skin and volume. Customer service with a ready smile is provided by the team at The Laser and Skin Clinic and I have always felt welcomed and important… looking forward to an on-going relationship with this team who turn back the clock!!!!

Karen - Wicklow
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Rosacea is a facial rash that occurs mostly in middle-aged men and women. The cause of Rosacea is unknown. It affects people mainly in the 30’s and 40’s, especially those with fair skin.

With Rosacea, the skin of the face and in particular the cheeks and nose tends to flush easily and over time becomes permanently red. Thread veins appear in the same sites and in pustular Rosacea (formerly known as acne Rosacea) spots and pimples appear too.

The condition is aggravated by over production of oil from sebaceous glands, hormonal changes, sun exposure, UVA/UVB, stress, climatic changes and some foods such as coffee, spicy foods and alcohol. Most sufferers are keen to improve the appearance by treating any pimple spots and reducing the redness and thread veins. Rosacea can be treated and controlled, and the sooner, the better. This condition generally gets worse if it goes untreated, causing more redness, more pimples and more visible veins. Rosacea can be treated but at this stage cannot be cured.

Some severe cases will require oral or topical antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. Laser treatment on visible veins will reduce redness in combination with products to protect the skin i.e. sunblock and antioxidants.

Recurrent flushing and blushing is present and late in the disease, the nose may be enlarged with thick red skin, a condition known as “rhinophyma”. Enlargement of the nose is more common in males. Also, along with thicker skin, the oil glands of the face enlarge and are more active giving an oily appearance.

Rosacea is often accompanied by other features and symptoms such as rashes, erythema, red bulbous nose, acne like eruption and burning sensation.

Stages of Rosacea

Stage One - Redness

The cheeks or forehead appear to have a flush or sunburn. The redness is caused by dilation of the blood vessels in the skin, which allow more blood to flow and pool under the surface of the skin.

Stage Two- Pimples

The next stage pimples may appear on the face. The types of pimples seen in people with Rosacea differ from acne, which are characterised by blackheads or whiteheads. In Rosacea the pimples appear as small red and solid or pus filled. A characteristic symptom of Rosacea is dilated blood vessels that become distended under the surface of the skin.

Treatment Options
Areas Treated
Conditions Treated

Laser Vein Removal
Treatments = 3-6

Forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, neck, chest

Facial veins, broken capillaries, redness, venous lake, campbell de morgan spots

Cosmeceutical Products
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Facial areas, neck, chest

Problematic skin, dry/oily, congested, sensitive

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